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iFrame URL

The iFrame URL setting allows you to specify any public URL to be loaded into the bottom section of the RSVP web page. The iframe spans the width of the content area (80% of the browser screen, centered, and 400 pixels high). Your URL will be loaded into that iFrame area. The url can point to anything you want (text, images, videos, flash, etc.), but make sure you're not loading in a page that contains javascript to "bust out" of the frame. You'll probably want to experiment with this content, tweak it, refine it, and get it just how you like it. Each time you update your html content pointed to by the iFrame URL and you want to see how it looks inside the RSVP page, you don't need to send another email. Just refresh the RSVP page.

A public URL requires a web server, web site, or blog. If you want to control the contents, it will have to be content you own or control. You can point the url at any web page you want, but if you don't control that content, you won't be able to control how it looks inside the RSVP page. Our system provides no way to create or modify html content for the iFrame URL--this is something you'll have to figure out and create outside our system. In a future version we may provide a way to create custom web content inside our system.

Because Instant-RSVP is free, we cannot help you create or tweak this content--or figure out the URL for you--for free. But we are always happy to do custom integration and development work for a price. Contact us for a price quote.

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