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Email limitations

Many SMTP email relay systems, including Gmail, impose email limits as to the number of emails any given sender/account can send out per hour and/or per day. The Instant-RSVP system has no control over these limits and no way to circumvent them. The limits are different for the different SMTP relays. Read more about Gmail's email limits. If your email count is well below these numbers you'll have nothing to worry about. Otherwise, please carefully consider the limits before sending out invitations. If you will be running into these limits, a great option is to upgrade to Google Apps for Business or Education.

If you exceed Gmail's limit they will restrict your account for 24 hours or more! Other SMTP relays may have similar limitations. There are email relays out there that have much higher limits, but they usually charge a fee. Feel free to use any system you want.

Even though Instant-RSVP will work with virtually all email relay systems, you may wonder why we recommend Gmail and push you in that direction. In early versions of Instant-RSVP we experimented with other email relay systems but ran into continuous problems of our emails being blocked by various mail servers on the recipient side. Gmail is universally accepted and never blocked by any mail server as far as we know and have had great success with it. If you choose to use a different email relay server, you do so at your own risk, understanding that your mail could be blocked before reaching some/all recipients.

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